Embrace the Creative Vibes!

January is International Creativity Month, and we at CMAC are turning up the artistic excitement! Join us in celebrating the incredible talent within our creative community in the Central Valley. This month is all about showcasing the amazing work produced by, for, and inspired by our vibrant creatives of the Valley!

CMAC Poetry Night | Jasmine Arredondo
A diverse collection of poetry readings.

Discover the Real You | Faraday Williams
Known for his unique approach to art, Faraday goes beyond the canvas to help you “Discover the Real You” through the power of artistic expression.

Spoken Word Poetry | Beth Lederach
Join Beth Lederach on a mesmerizing journey of emotions with spoken word. In each episode, Beth weaves lyrical masterpieces that resonate with the soul, exploring life, love, and the human experience.

Unwanted Comedians Podcast | Brandon Wilson
 Where comedians talk about politics, religion, and anything else that is controversial — and funny!


Distinguished Woman Artist of the Year
Donald learns about this year’s Council of 100 Distinguished Woman Artist of the Year, Martha Casanave.

Weekend Blender 2023
Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Extraterrestrials – You are watching the 1st of 5 segments at the Weekend Blender’s Cosplay Contest!

A collection of creative performances.

Respite by the River
 Will Freeney
A diverse collection of musical and poetic performances.

Carolyn Botta

Covers a diverse range of art with an emphasis on fabric art.

Explore current and pasts themes on our ArtHop page!