At CMAC, we’re always working to enhance your experience and ensure that our community media resources remain accessible to everyone. We have some news to share about our services in 2024.

New Membership Pricing

Beginning January 9, 2024, we are launching a new “pay what you can” pricing model for memberships. Now there is only one type of membership and you’ll choose your own annual fee, with a minimum contribution of $40. 

We have not changed our membership fees since 2012, and despite the increasing costs we face to provide you with valuable services, we didn’t want to simply raise the price of membership for everyone. This change aims to ensure fairness, sustainability, and accessibility. We understand that some of our members are struggling financially. We also understand that some of our members are able to pay more and are willing to do so – and for that we are incredibly grateful. This change will apply the next time you renew your membership.

New Member Portal

As a CMAC Member, you can now access our new member portal – CMAC Checkout – to manage all your equipment and facilities reservations. Now it’s easy to search through our entire library of professional production equipment and recording studios, see when items and spaces are available, quickly make your own reservations online, review a record of your past reservations, and update your membership contact information.

New Volunteer Opportunities

We have a new Volunteer Interest Form for 2024! This revamped form is designed to capture your volunteering preferences and skill levels. By responding to this form, you’ll help us create a comprehensive volunteer directory, enabling members to easily connect to others with specific skills, such as camera or audio operating expertise. We’re thrilled about fostering a more collaborative community where members can seamlessly leverage each other’s talents and contribute to the success of diverse projects.

New Ways to Connect

CMAC members now have a new place to gather and collaborate online with Discord! This free platform provides an environment for members to communicate, plan, seek advice, and offer help without having to exchange personal information like phone numbers or emails. Members have the flexibility to post their own requests, stay in the loop about new opportunities, and even create private groups for their projects. These private groups come equipped with chat rooms, voice calls, and screen sharing features—an ideal setting for productive pre-production discussions. Download the free Discord app for desktop and mobile devices and join the CMAC server to elevate your collaborative experiences!

New Member’s Handbook

In our ongoing commitment to provide an exceptional experience for our members, we have updated our Member’s Handbook for 2024. The important updates to be aware of are:

  • Reservations for equipment and facilities must be made at least three (3) business days in advance and can be made up to a month in advance. (Page 6)
  • Facilities reservations may not exceed four (4) hours per day. Additionally, the Studio, Express Studio, and Podcast Studio may not be reserved two (2) consecutive weekdays or consecutive Saturdays. (Page 6)
  • Laptops may only be reserved by CMAC Members who have completed and submitted at least one (1) project for playback. (Page 7)
  • Project files that are temporarily stored on the CMAC “Parking Lot” drive will be permanently deleted after 90 days from the initial offload date. Members must bring their own drive and retrieve their data before the 90 days is up to avoid losing project files. (Page 8)

We believe these updates will not only streamline your interactions at the media center, but also ensure a more informed and efficient creative journey. We strongly encourage you to periodically review the member handbook to stay up-to-date on CMAC policies and procedures.

New Improvements at the Media Center

We’ve made some recent upgrades to our media center! The studio boasts new cameras, the control room features a new, cutting-edge video switcher, and our edit suites have been updated to brand new Apple M3 iMac computers, ensuring a seamless editing experience for members of all skill levels. Additionally, you’ll notice ​​vibrant paint across various spaces to enhance the overall atmosphere. The lobby now features a new mural, and each edit bay has also been assigned a unique color, complemented by new lamps, to create a more relaxing and enjoyable editing environment. These enhancements aim to elevate your creative journey at CMAC!