Kelly's Yoga Mat: Yoga Wheel!!! And Practicing to PRESS into an Inversion

ProducerKelly Jennings
SeriesKelly's Yoga Mat
DescriptionThis slow flow is prefect for the yogi that is working towards more advanced inversions and is practicing the flexibility, strength and control to lift up, rather than kicking up (which can be dangerous, ESPECIALLY if practicing an HEADstand). We will focus on range of motion of the joints in order to have the flexibility to extend towards the inversion of your choice as well as creating strength in the joint throughout the full range of motion. Because of the inclusion of inversions, this is a more intermediate to advanced practice.Beginners are always welcome, especially if you are excited to incorporate the yoga wheel into your practice more. However, beginners may want to WATCH the last segment which focuses on pressing into an inversion.
DateJuly 23, 2022
AiringSaturday, May 18 - 7:00am on CMAC 1
Tuesday, July 2 - 7:00am on CMAC 1