Kelly's Yoga Mat: A Unilateral Vinyasa Flow

ProducerKelly Jennings
SeriesKelly's Yoga Mat
DescriptionWhile this practice felt so natural for me, I’m not sure I’ve ever practiced in this manner ever before. We will work unilaterally, meaning we will practice the entire sequence of asanas on one side, then repeat on the other, rather than alternating sides.I expect your legs, in particular, to feel this during the practice, since each leg will receive minimal rest between building on the sequence.Since the upper body work will be balanced throughout, don’t hesitate to skip a vinyasa and meet us in down dog if the chatturangas become overwhelming.
DateJune 4, 2022
AiringSaturday, July 6 - 7:00am on CMAC 1
Friday, July 12 - 7:00am on CMAC 1
Sunday, August 11 - 7:00am on CMAC 1
Thursday, August 15 - 7:00am on CMAC 1