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Schedule for Monday, November 20, 2023

12:00 amFree Speech TV
06:00 amFeliz Fitness, Class 21
06:55 amWomen Helping Women
07:00 amAlways Take a Compass on Every Journey
08:00 amAddiction & Recovery TV: Ep 27
08:28 amValleywood: Soldado Lobo Film Trailer
08:30 amBoth Sides of the Bars: 5 Ways to Improve Public Safety Without Over-Policing and Mass Carceration
09:00 amHenosis Podcast, Ep 24: The Genius of Dan Koe and the Meaning Behind Henosis
09:19 amInterview with an Artist: Sara Joy
09:28 amVote Early Day 2023 PSA (15 seconds)
09:30 amFruit and Veggie A Go-Go: Squash & Zucchini Tart
09:46 amNot Just Raisins: Alchemist Coffee Lab
10:00 amPaltrocast: "Teenage Euthanasia" Creators Alyson Levy and Alissa Nutting
10:09 amCentral Valley Veteran's Day Parade 2023
01:46 pmSheRockScience: Understanding and Destroying Coronavirus
01:52 pmProfessional and Skater
02:00 pmDemocracy Now!
03:00 pmSan Joaquin Spotlight, Ep 283: David Taub on Bitwise
03:29 pmValleywood: Dok Sauvage Film Teaser Trailer
03:30 pmSelma Arts Center: Dysfunction, A Song Cycle
04:00 pmEverything Sparkle: Gionni Ruiz, Diane Carbray, & The Clovis Veterans Memorial District
05:00 pmThe ONME Network: Week of 11-9-2023
08:00 pmHenosis Podcast, Ep 21: The Science Behind a Good Night's Sleep
09:04 pmThe Creative Whole Podcast, Ep 1: How an Obstacle Can Make a Difference in Your Life
09:40 pmDada and Boys Podcast, Ep 99: Giving Access
10:47 pmWomen Helping Women
10:49 pmRiding An eBike To Work!
11:00 pmMo Mommies, Mo Problems Podcast, Ep 20: A B- Is Back
11:45 pmSheRockScience: Neural Chromatography - BioDye Tattoos
11:55 pmVote Early Day 2023 PSA (15 seconds)