Not sure what to get that creative someone this holiday season? We put together a little gift guide to help ease the stress of shopping this year. Media creators need more than just a camera and microphone to get the job done – whether you’re hosting a podcast, video series, or producing a short film. Check out these easy gift ideas that will wow that special creator in your life.

Essential Tech

SD Cards

SD cards make great gifts because they are widely available, inexpensive, and media creators always need more of them! Class 10 SD cards are a good choice because they are universal and will work with a variety of devices from photo and video cameras to audio recorders.


When working with audio, headphones are essential! There’s nothing quite as effective for audio editing as being able to put the sound right up to your ears. There are a variety of headphones that range in price from $20 to hundreds of dollars. For the documentarian or filmmaker checking audio levels out on location, an extra pair of noise canceling earbuds is always a good choice. For the podcaster or musician, check out these over-the-ear wireless headphones.

Stocking Stuffers

Electronic Cleaning Supplies

Keeping media production gear clean is essential. Microfiber cleaning cloths and screen cleaning sprays make perfect stocking stuffers because they are inexpensive and needed by media creators in every area of production.

Custom Socks

Nothing says “I’m a media creator!” like custom socks.

Media Stickers

If you’ve ever seen someone in media production show up to a shoot, you know they are bringing a whole bunch of gear with them. What better way to label their cases and set them apart from other creators than with cute media stickers!?

Shop Local

Horn Photo

Horn Photo is an amazing resource to media creators in the Fresno area. They offer a variety of services including buying and selling used cameras, framing, photo restoration, camera repair and more. They also offer classes! If you’re not sure what to get and want to shop local, check out Horn Photo’s gift card options.

CMAC Membership

Every CMAC member has access to professional equipment, state-of-the-art facilities and training resources to help them write, shoot and edit their video projects. From studio shows to podcasts, membership is a great gift for anyone interested in using media to tell a story! Best of all, this is a gift that keeps on giving all year long! Purchase a membership online right now.

Gift Cards

Though it might seem impersonal, gift cards make great gifts for media creators! A gift card to B&H, Amazon, or Best Buy gives them the flexibility to buy new gear or essential supplies when needed. And for those early morning shoots and late night editing sessions, a Starbucks gift card can go a long way!