What is Community Media Day?

“Community Media Day is an annual celebration of voices that bring awareness to the importance of free speech and accessible media for all individuals to have their voices heard.” – @Celebrate1020

Why is community media important?

We all have stories to tell and we deserve to tell them. Community media provides the space and resources to give everyone the opportunity to share their stories through media. Community media amplifies the voices of the community it serves. Without community media, marginalized and underrepresented voices in our community go unheard.

How can you support community media?

There are many ways you can support community media and CMAC!

Get Tickets to CMAC ‘N Cheese Fundraiser Event

Get your tickets to the CMAC ’N Cheese fundraiser and join us for cheesy bites, beer, wine, live music, and games that’ll keep you entertained all night long. Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes? Now’s your chance to find out! You’ll have the chance to tour CMAC’s studio and recording spaces. Learn more.


By becoming a CMAC member, you’ll have access to media training, equipment, and other resources to help you create and share your stories.

Submit Your Content

Anyone can submit content to air on our cable channels! You don’t have to be a CMAC member. Whether you used you have a short film or a podcast, we want to share it with the community!

Watch and Subscribe

Check out the great community-produced content on CMAC! From sporting and community events to podcasts and short films, there’s something for everyone on CMAC.


As a nonprofit organization, CMAC relies on the generosity of the community to do what we do. Please consider donating to CMAC and help us continue to provide valuable media resources to the greater Fresno area. You can submit monetary donations here.

Thank you for supporting CMAC and community media in the greater Fresno area!