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Schedule for Wednesday, June 23, 2021

12:00 amFree Speech TV
06:00 amValley Veterans Forum: Heritage Fresno Patriotic Celebration
07:15 amFresberg Creates: Ep 006 (Samuel L Jackson)
07:30 amJust Music: Musician Bobby Logan
08:05 amWeekend Blender Videos: Fresno Kenpo Karate Demo
08:20 amWeekend Blender Videos: Noel Serafin Interview
08:30 amOut & About with Debbie Goodman: Joe LoFreso
09:00 amThe ONME Network Live
12:00 pmYo Soy!: Teens That Care
12:25 pmBIPOC Business Feature: Take 3
12:30 pmYo Soy!: Indigenous Warrior Flag Group
12:50 pmPainterly - Two Minute Tips: Virtual Mentor
12:55 pmPainterly - Two Minute Tips: Sponge Brush
01:00 pmValley Veterans Forum: Bob Talmage at CMAC
02:00 pmDemocracy Now!
03:00 pmYo Soy!: Vista Hermosa Panaderia
03:30 pmYo Soy!: Fresno Spectrum Center
04:00 pmArtful.TV: Ep 11: David Spencer
04:30 pmif the kit fox had hands: Ep 6: Kathy Wosika
04:50 pmPainterly - Two Minute Tips: Art App Showcase
04:55 pmArmenian News Update (Week of June 21)
05:00 pmif the kit fox had hands: Ep 5: Janaki Jagannath - Doing the Flower's Bidding
05:15 pmCooking Lvl 0: Ep 3: Food Safety
05:30 pmDr. Diego and Debbie: Thyroid Function Discussion
06:00 pmWeekend Blender Videos: ThorTv
06:35 pmWeekend Blender: Danielle Kennedy Interview
06:45 pmBIPOC Business Feature: The Mug Community Coffee Shop
06:50 pmWeekend Blender Videos: Noel Serafin Interview
07:00 pmExplore with the Eggerts: Gooseberry Mesa 2021
07:15 pmExplore with the Eggerts: Exit Glacier
07:25 pmFree Rides and New Routes on Fresno Area Express
07:30 pmThe Munro Review: Ep. 39: Bruce Haley
08:00 pmHealthy Epic Living: Aerial and Fitness
08:30 pmSan Joaquin Spotlight: Mike Karbassi
09:00 pmYo Soy!: Fresno Spectrum Center
09:30 pmYo Soy!: Vista Hermosa Panaderia
10:00 pmBuilding Healthy Relationships Ep 8
10:25 pmSheRockScience: Vibration of Olfaction
10:30 pmHonor and Remembrance: The Central Valley Honor Flight
11:00 pmHauntings in Central California: The Nonini Winery
11:55 pmPainterly - Two Minute Tips: Self-Portrait

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