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Schedule for Monday, January 18, 2021

12:00 amFree Speech TV
06:00 amThe Big Tell Showcase 2020
07:30 amWelcome to Fresberg: Animated Mini-Bios for Kids
07:50 amWelcome to Fresberg: Usher Mini Bio
07:55 amWelcome to Fresberg: Chadwick Boseman Biography
08:00 amWelcome to Fresberg: Animated Mini-Bios for Kids Pt 2
08:15 amFresberg Creates: Ep 010 (MLK and Rosa Parks)
08:30 amPainterly - Two Minute Tips: Series Work
08:35 amPainterly - Two Minute Tips: Still Life
08:40 amPainterly - Two Minute Tips: Using Apps
09:00 amHammerfist MMA Podcast: Ep. 116: Virtual 47
10:00 amFulton Art Mall: Once Upon a Time in the Future
11:30 amCMAC'n on Location: Tower Quarter (Set Two)
12:00 pmThe Central Valley Ledger #170: Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan
12:30 pmFresnoland Q&A: Can we reimagine community safety in Fresno?
02:00 pmDemocracy Now!
03:00 pmFresno Music with Brad: Jazz Composers Orchestra 2019
03:40 pmDoc TV33: Local Artist Carolyn Hamilton
03:45 pmBridging the Gap
03:55 pmThe Power of CMAC
04:00 pmWeekend Blender Videos: Mandalorian Mercs
04:30 pmCMAC'n on Location: World Fiddle Day Archive
05:00 pmThe ONME Network
05:00 pmThe ONME Network Live: 1/15/21
08:00 pmGet Healthy Be Happy!: Jack Scow Training
08:25 pmGet Healthy Be Happy!: Seasonal Affective Disorder
08:30 pmHealthy Epic Living: MJ Healthy Habits
08:50 pmKings River Conservancy: Keeping Our River Clean
09:00 pmThe Central Valley Ledger #174: Mark Geragos
09:25 pmCMAC Tutorials: Sony X70 - What's In The Bag
09:30 pmCMAC Tutorials: Writing Scripts For Your Videos
09:55 pmSheRockScience: Vibration of Olfaction
10:00 pmCMAC'n on Location: Tower Quartet 2020 (Set 1)
10:45 pm'Independence Day' Poem by M.A. Christopher
10:55 pmPainterly - Two Minute Tips: Glaze Over Palette Knife
11:00 pmRelationship Q&A with Franky & Roshell: Old School Dating
11:15 pmExplore with the Eggerts: Snorkeling Tunnels and Diving Caverns
11:25 pmBruce Anderson - Pull a Houdini
11:30 pmTrax News: Eric Christopher Ruffin Charged With Terrorism
11:50 pmFresno: A Home For All (CMAC Youth Voices)

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