Why Do We Always Face the Front of Our Mat

ProducerKelly Jennings
DescriptionYoga can be about obtaining and maintaining physical health, but this step is just the gateway to mental and emotional health. Just like the physical asanas can create change in us in intangible ways, sometimes changing the perspective on the mat can also lead to a change in how we approach our practice. Today, instead of working front to back on your mat, join me in working side to side, bring awareness to an imaginary plane that your body moves in and through. Hopefully this creative way of practicing will help you have new experiences even while in traditional asanas.
DateJanuary 29, 2022
AiringSunday, June 2 - 7:00am on CMAC 1
Friday, June 7 - 7:00am on CMAC 1
Saturday, July 20 - 7:00am on CMAC 1