Let's Talk, Ep 12

ProducerLashonda Lee
SeriesLet's Talk
DescriptionSpecial Guests, Matasha Bailey- Tonja Jackson- How they started off their journey at Golden State Family Services, Working with foster care families making sure they meet all requirements to help with resources for children and Parents. Youth empowerment groups & Also Training available, looking for parents to help out with the mission in helping youth become productive adults. Sports Segment. With Bo & Shonda Household on Sundays, Sport Chat with a San Francisco Forty Niners Fan and Dallas Cowboy Fan. Sports Guests (Matasha Bailey & Jerry Bowers} Discuss what both teams need to do to make it to the playoffs.
DateNovember 22, 2023
AiringThursday, August 22 - 8:00pm on CMAC 1