Fresno State Lyles Center: Pay It Forward ft. Quentin Sanford and Laura Facciani Sanford

ProducerFresno State Lyles Center
DescriptionQuentin and Laura met at the Lyles Center in the spring of 2013 and started dating that summer. On a road trip to Seattle, Laura convinced Quentin to quit his “day job” (another entrepreneurial venture) and follow his true passions in theatre, software and design. Shortly thereafter, Quentin launched Broadway Media. Now almost a decade later, the company has grown to be a multi-million dollar business serving customers around the globe (including inking major deals with industry leaders like Disney). Together Quentin and Laura have three children (the business and their two amazing daughters). Quentin Sanford is the President and founder of Broadway Media (, an entertainment tech company providing licensed media resources to the live performance industry. During his time at the Lyles Center, he was the recipient of various awards, including an honor from the Fresno Chamber of Commerce. Quentin is a proud graduate of Fresno State. Sanford grew up in the theatre (he’ll tell you he spent more time there than at school), and as a young entrepreneur would spend his time creating show posters for theaters in the Fresno area. His time spent at Good Company Players/Roger Rocka’s community theatre gave him an appreciation for the industriousness of theatre makers faced with limited budgets. Years later, determined to help the sort of theaters he participated in as a child, and inspired by the increasingly common integration of technology in Broadway shows, he founded Broadway Media. Laura Facciani Sanford is the Director of Product at Broadway Media, managing the daily operations of media development and software engineering. Laura received a bachelor's degree in Art, with studies in Entrepreneurship from Fresno State in 2013. Quentin and Laura run a family start-up (including toddlers singing in the background of video calls). Their dedication to their family and their business is uniquely intertwined - everything has a spreadsheet and a P&L, including a toddler’s 4th birthday party. Since the launch of Broadway Media, Quentin and Laura have spent years splitting time between their marriage, parenting, renovating their home, and growing the business. Together, they have refined business processes and taken every opportunity to engage the global theatre community.
DateDecember 12, 2023