The Creative Whole Podcast, Ep 9: Using a Shift in Leadership and What it Means

ProducerWinslow Lowe
SeriesThe Creative Whole Podcast
DescriptionOn todays episode Carlos and Winslow discuss the book Leadershift by John C Maxwell. We will dive into the secrets of true leadership in today’s world. Also we discuss how great leaders bring out the best in everyone, rather than seeking to shine themselves. We hope you enjoy todays episode in the first part of the series and how using a shift in leadership can change the outcome of an organization. We hope you will see how everyone, even if you don't believe it, is a leader in their own right. Thank you for hanging out with us today and just remember we love you. Check us out on Anchor, Spotify, Amazon Music, CastBox and Apple Podcasts.
DateJuly 13, 2023