The Creative Whole Podcast, Ep 20: Eliminating Negative Self Talk and How to Avoid it

ProducerWinslow Lowe
SeriesThe Creative Whole Podcast
DescriptionThis episode of The Creative Whole Podcast I will be discussing how powerful words can be. Especially when they're the ones you tell yourself. Listen in and hopefully you will gain an understanding of what and how negative self talk can get into your mind and what to do next. Check us out on all podcasting platforms and hope to talk soon.
DateJuly 27, 2023
AiringSaturday, October 21 - 8:15pm on CMAC 1
Thursday, November 9 - 6:00pm on CMAC 1
Friday, December 8 - 10:00am on CMAC 1
Thursday, December 28 - 12:00pm on CMAC 1
Wednesday, January 17 - 1:00pm on CMAC 1