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Both Sides of the Bars | Repairing Today's Ineffective Justice System Strategies

ProducerKhalil Cumberbatch
DescriptionWhen tempers reached a boiling point on September 9, 1971, the prisoners filling the cells of New York State's Attica prison erupted in a full-fledged rebellion, taking over the prison and holding it for four days, along with several guards who had been taken hostage. By the time state troopers and police forces retook Attica by force, 10 hostages and 29 inmates had died. The repercussions of that uprising are still being felt today according to the two guests of this "Both Sides of the Bars" episode. They are Tyrone Larkins, who was 23 at the time and was shot three times in the uprising; and David Rothenberg, founder of The Fortune Society, who was at Attica as one of 30 observers summoned by the leaders of the uprising as witnesses to their negotiations with the state.
DateDecember 6, 2022