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Both Sides of the Bars | Pell Grant Restoration -- Its Significance for Affecting Meaningful Individual Change

ProducerKhalil Cumberbatch
DescriptionRecently Congress presented a stimulus package that included significant changes to higher-education law, including the resumption of Federal financial aid to people in prison that was banned in the 1994 crime bill championed by then-Sen. Joe Biden. The restoration of Pell grants for incarcerated students is a watershed moment for the criminal justice overhaul movement as it unwinds decades of punitive practices in favor of finding avenues to reintegrate incarcerated people into society. According to many Democrats and criminal justice advocates, the reversal of the Pell grant ban for incarcerated people is a most remarkable achievement. Although lawmakers from both major parties have warmed to the idea of restoring the aid, Republicans have been hesitant to do so without restrictions. This episode’s guest is Dyjuan Tatro, the government affairs officer at the Bard Prison Initiative (BPI). As a BPI alumnus, he leverages his education and experience to shift public policy in favor of expanding college in prison.
DateDecember 2, 2022