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Both Sides of the Bars | Fair Chance Housing Before, During, and After Covid 19

ProducerKhalil Cumberbatch
DescriptionWhile New York State's laws to prevent discrimination against people with criminal records in employment have existed for decades, there are no protections for people seeking housing other than housing funded solely by New York State. All other landlords can refuse to rent homes to anyone who has ever been arrested -- no matter how minor the offense or how long ago it occurred. With at least 50% of those released from incarceration ending up in shelters, it is more important than ever now -- given the current COVID-19 pandemic -- to offer them supportive permanent housing. Our discussion includes two experts from the field who will discuss Fair Chance Housing before, during, and after COVID-19. They are Margaret diZerega, Acting Director of the Center on Sentencing and Corrections at the Vera Institute of Justice, and Alison Wilkey, Director of Public Policy at the Institute for Justice and Opportunity at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.
DateJuly 15, 2020