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Schedule for Tuesday, May 14, 2024

12:00 amFree Speech TV
06:00 amArte Americas: Feliz Fitness, Class 9
06:43 amFresberg Creates: Ep 006 (Samuel L Jackson)
07:00 amKelly's Yoga Mat: Meditation Monday Lets Take a Journey Together
07:30 amThe Munro Review: Fresno State Opera Theatre
07:58 amExploring Pismo Beach
08:00 amAddiction & Recovery, Ep 24
08:30 amA Road Less Traveled Podcast, Ep 10: Redefining First Lady Legacies: Elizabeth Kortright Monroe with Erika Gibson
09:10 amOut & About with Debbie Goodman: Garden Tour Fresno
09:30 amCircle of Guardians Podcast, Ep 7, Pt 1
09:53 amKings River Conservancy: Keeping Our River Clean
10:00 amField Notes, Ep 50: Amami Sociolinguistic Research
10:39 amMs. Beautyphile: Are You Applying Enough Sunscreen?
10:44 amAdvance Peace Fresno
11:00 amThe Munro Review: Mark Standriff and Nico DiViccaro of "Amadeus"
11:25 amAffordable Housing
11:28 amOne Small Step
11:30 amBuilding Healthy Relationships: Forgiveness and Moving Forward
11:57 amMotion City Soundtrack Mini Vlog
12:00 pmThe Faithful Word: Don't Mess Around With Sin, Pt 2
12:29 pmOne Small Step
12:30 pmA Road Less Traveled Podcast, Ep 10: Redefining First Lady Legacies: Elizabeth Kortright Monroe with Erika Gibson
01:10 pmDebbie and Dr. Diego: ENVY Capsule
01:19 pmAndrew Orloski's Art Studio Visit
01:30 pmWarnors: A Legacy
02:20 pmValleywood: Soldado Lobo Film Trailer
02:21 pmMs Beautyphile: What Do You Learn in Fragrance School?
02:30 pmWarnors: A Legacy, Pt 2
02:57 pmWeekend Blender 2023
03:00 pmDemocracy Now!
04:00 pmEverything Sparkle: David Foxx, George Ohan, and Gladys Morris
05:00 pmThe ONME Network 5-13-2024
08:00 pmLet's Talk, Ep 8
08:51 pmMs. Beautyphile: Are Higher SPF Sunscreens Better?
09:00 pmDada and Boys Podcast, Ep 109: A Grand Entrance
09:33 pmThe Big Tell 2024: Elite
09:38 pmThe Big Tell 2024: Roots Run Deep
10:00 pmDada and Boys Podcast, Ep 110: Scumbag Billionaire
10:26 pmAndrew Orloski's Art Studio Visit
10:30 pmDada and Boys Podcast, Ep 108: The Struggles of Podcasting
11:00 pmRead Em and Weeb Podcast: Trying to do a Frieza Impression
11:42 pmWelcome to Fresberg