A Road Less Traveled Podcast, Ep 10: Redefining First Lady Legacies: Elizabeth Kortright Monroe with Erika Gibson

ProducerHilary Haron
SeriesA Road Less Traveled Podcast
DescriptionJoin Host Hilary Haron and historian Erika Gibson on "Paving a Road Less Traveled" as they delve into the fascinating life of Elizabeth Kortright Monroe, one of the least explored first ladies in history. Known for her privacy and European influence on Washington society, Elizabeth's contributions, such as introducing the first presidential China pattern, are often overshadowed by misconceptions and judgments. This episode uncovers the challenges faced by women in curating their narratives, highlighting the impact of perception on recorded history. Tune in to gain new perspectives on women's history and the importance of revisiting and reevaluating historical narratives.
DateMay 14, 2024