Taco ‘Bout It: Me’N’Ed’s VS Lela’s

A show about trying new foods and broadening horizons.

Loose Ends 27: An Unexpected Unboxing

Vlog. Kyle opens un unexpected package delivered to him...

Loose Ends 29: Fake Covers

Vlog. Talks about his favorite covers on YouTube.

Loose Ends 30: What Have I Done

Vlog. Kyle waxes his nose.

Loose Ends 31: A Happy Memory

Vlog. Kyle shares fond memories of his late uncle.

Loose Ends 26: Ten Year Anniversary Special Edition

Vlog. Kyle's celebrates the ten year anniversary of creating…

Loose Ends 28: Trash Day

Vlog. Gilbert says I should make t-shirts of the Bear Arms animations.…

Loose Ends 20: Lots Of Voltage

Vlog. Kyle's dad reviews the Koss ESP 95X headphones.

Loose Ends 22: 21:21:21:21:21 (Logitech MK235 Review)

Vlog. Kyle claps 21 times at 21:21 on 1/21/21.