Stealing Cars in Front of Employees (Prank)

Josh pretends his car gets stolen.

My First Time Ever Ice Skating (Vlog)

Josh goes ice-skating for the first time.

Best Moments of 2023

Best moments of topcommentjosh 2023!

Taking Pictures of Strangers (Prank)

Josh stares at people making them uncomfortable, and proceeds…

Who’s the Best Rapper in Fresno (Vlog)

This is a video about interview questions and about trying to…

Surviving Gym (Vlog)

Surviving Gym (Vlog)

Santa Sings To Girls In Class (Prank)

Santa Sings To Girls In Class (Prank).

Getting AirPods Back (Vlog)

Getting AirPods Back (Vlog).

Fart Spray On Microphone (Prank)

Fart Spray On Microphone (Prank).