New Gear for Checkout

At CMAC, we strive to ensure our members have the best experience possible, and that includes working with the latest technology and production gear!

Did you know we recently added more items to our field closet? We’ve now got iPads and Mac Book Pros available for checkout, plus new lighting kits, audio gear, and more! We put together some videos from our August 2020 Zoom at Noon online mixer, highlighting the new gear and its features. Take a look!

Live Production

ATEM Mini & ATEM Pro

The ATEM Mini is Blackmagic Design’s solution for portable live switching! These devices make live production a breeze with four (4) HDMI inputs to connect cameras or computer sources, a USB out for utilizing external streaming software, and DVE for picture-in-picture. The ATEM Mini Pro also has live streaming capabilities and allows you to record to disk via USB. It’s the perfect live streaming setup all in one mini package.

Camera Gear

Shoulder Rig + Atomos Shinobi 5″ Monitor

If you like to film on the run, this shoulder rig is the perfect tool for you! This custom shoulder rig comes complete with an Atomos Shinobi 5″ Monitor, giving you optimum viewing and mobility all in one. Best of all, this rig is compatible with all CMAC cameras!


Apple iPad Pro

If you’re looking for an all-in-one production tool, then look no further! We’ve now got iPad Pros available for checkout. These tablets can be used in every stage of production, from scripting to filming and even editing. Each tablet comes complete with iMovie, Garage Band, and LumaFusion. When you check it out, you’ll also get a keyboard with a trackpad and USB C adapter to connect your external drive. Plus, it’s lightweight! It’s got all you need!

Apple MacBook Pro

You can now edit on the go! We have four (4) MacBook Pros complete with all the essentials to help you finish your projects, including iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and the Adobe Creative Suite. Whether you’re working from home or on the go, we’ve got you covered.


Aputure 672 Lights

The Aputure 672 Lighting Kit is significantly lighter than some of our other lighting kits. With three (3) LED panels, this kit has everything you need to light your scene. Each panel is daylight balanced, comes with tungsten drop in filters for added lighting effects, and can be battery powered for extra flexibility on production day.

Aputure F7 Lights

These lights are small, but they are mighty! The Aputure F7 Lights are compact, bi-colored lights that are simple to use and make an excellent on-camera or key light. If you need something lightweight and easy to use, this light is the light for you.

Aputure MC Lights

The Aputure MC lights are great for adding color to your productions! These RGB lights have HSI mode (hue, saturation, intensity) which allows you to change color easily as well as different effects for creating some lively scenes. They also have two white LED chips, making them a great key light source. You can charge each light individually or through the case! That’s right, the case is also a charging station. Complete the look of your production by adding these to your checkouts!


Rode NT USB Mini

This USB microphone is similar to the Blue Yeti and can be connected to a computer, iPad, iPhone, and some Android devices. You can monitor your audio feed directly from the mic by plugging in a pair of headphones and the magnetic stand makes it super easy to set up! This is a great mic for recording your Zoom interviews, podcasts, and much more!

Podcasting Kit

Some of you have been missing our podcast studio, so we decided to package it up and make it available for checkout! This kit comes with the Zoom PodTrak P4 mixer, and comes complete with three microphones, three mic stands, and XLR cables. It’s the CMAC podcasting studio made portable!