Media Literacy at CMAC

What is U.S. Media Literacy Week?

Media Literacy Week is hosted by the National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE). The goal is to promote media literacy awareness and education.

As a community media center, our goal is to help our community become effective media consumers and producers. Our Media Literacy Series is the result of a great deal of research and planning and couldn’t come at a better time, with fake news and dis-information so readily available to us.

Media literacy is for everyone! We all rely on media in some form and, because it’s constantly evolving and changing, we must understand how it impacts our daily lives and our society at large. We hope you join us in October!

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Media Representations (Produced October 2022)

Video 1: Media Representations & Why They Matter
Video 2: Media Representations: Understanding Internal Bias

Media Literacy Basics (Produced July 2020)

Video 1: What is Media Literacy?
Video 2: Knowing your Sources & Detecting Bias
Video 3: Real Media Analysis
Video 4: Live Media Literacy Q&A Discussion with Faith & Fabiola

Media Literacy for Creators (Produced October 2020)

Video 1: Media Literacy for Media Creators
Video 2: Creator Roles and Framing
Video 3: Live Discussion with Local Journalists and Media Educators

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