March is #WomensHERstoryMonth! CMAC is celebrating and supporting women’s work in media by sharing our members’ work! Unfortunately, women are not seen in the media as often as men. This lack of accurate representation on and off screen diminishes women’s contributions in the media industry and perpetuates harmful stereotypes. That’s why we’re proud to showcase the outstanding work created by the talented women of CMAC! Discover some amazing content created by, for, and about women. Let’s celebrate the amazing achievements of women in media!

Women’s History Month Media

Delve into the profound narratives of women who’ve harnessed and navigated power in its myriad forms. In each episode, women share their impactful stories. These narratives aim to inspire fresh insights, fostering a diverse dialogue on the transformative nature of power.

Spotlight on Women’s History Month

FCC Student Activities

In this engaging three-part series, guests share their insights and perspectives, contributing to a dynamic dialogue that celebrates the essence of Women’s History Month.

Women Political Leaders

CA Secretary of State

Join California Secretary of State Shirley N. Weber, Ph.D., and the UC Berkeley Oral History Center for a virtual panel discussion and Q&A session. Explore the remarkable legacies of former state senators Loni Hancock, Fran Pavley, and Lois Wolk through newly released oral histories, as they share insights and answer questions, moderated by Todd Holmes and Tamara Martin.

Batch of Binge-Worthy Series!

Warners – A Legacy

Rose Caglia

This captivating documentary continues the exploration of Downtown Fresno’s historic Warnors Theatre, uncovering more hidden tales and celebrating the enduring legacy of this iconic cultural landmark.

Taste of Fresno

County of Fresno

Meet Mederios Babb, a dynamic force in journalism and a vital advocate for Fresno County residents. As the main anchor and investigative reporter for CBS 47 Eyewitness News This Morning, she fearlessly shares critical storm information. She illuminates important stories, embodying the spirit of Women’s History Month through her commitment to informing and empowering the community.

Field Notes

Martha Tsutsui

Delve into the world of linguistic fieldwork, sharing the triumphs and trials faced while documenting rare languages. Inspired by host Martha Tsutsui Billins’ own field experiences, this podcast offers stories and lessons from veteran linguists, serving as a guide for researchers dedicated to safeguarding linguistic diversity.

Single Episode Specials

League of Women Voters

Step into a captivating virtual performance presented by The League of Women Voters. Experience the fusion of talent, passion, and local flavor in this unforgettable celebration of “100 Years of a Thousand Tries.

Anita Fernandez & Smiley Calderon

In this episode, they bring guest Kayla Moon, to engage in a thought-provoking discussion on domestic violence. Viewer discretion is advised as the show delves into the sensitive yet vital conversation surrounding this critical issue.

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Fresno County Public Library | Women and Power: Interview with Adrian Carli
Sharing Stories project, interviewing women about their experiences using and interacting with power in its various forms. Here, we share with you our interview with Adrian Carli. The interviewee has made this recording available for viewing in the hopes that their experiences will yield new insights and inspire others to contribute their voices to the ongoing conversation.

Fresno County Public Library | 100 Notable Women Of The Fresno Community
Fresno League of Women Voters honors 100 notable women who have made a difference in our community.

Lexi Sisk | Women Helping Women
PINC is a unique, all-women’s, non-profit that contributes hours of community service to the entire Central Valley.

Carolyn Schlegel Botta | Fresno Fiber Arts 
Producer Carolyn connects with local artists to talk about their work.

Shira Gordon | SheRockScience
Shira expertly combines her artistic vision with scientific facts in fun-filled videos that educate and entertain. You can watch her visual art come to life in the dozens of productions she produced as a CMAC member on CMAC and on her YouTube channel.


Anita is a standout volunteer and producer.  She has volunteered on countless productions as a director and camera operator.  She produces the show ‘Just Music’, various PSAs, and talk shows.

Shira expertly combines her artistic vision with scientific facts in fun-filled videos that educate and entertain. You can watch her visual art come to life in her dozens of productions she produced as a CMAC member on CMAC and on her YouTube channel. 

As the Curator for the ArtSpace Gallery at Fresno City College and producer of art videos, Elena brings forth a unique form of highlighting various artists to the table. In her series ‘if the kit fox has hands’, Elena featuressuch artists and cultural producers connected to Fresno and the Central Valley.

Debbie takes her passion for martial arts, health, and entertainment to another level by producing a myriad of programs that run on CMAC. She is the host, editor, and occasional shooter for her series ‘Martial Arts Mania!’, ‘Out & About’ and ‘Dr. Diego and Debbie’. 

Jackie takes an unconventional approach to highlight the world of the paranormal on her talk show ‘Paranormal Journeys’. Her casual and conversational persona on the show makes for an entertaining viewing experience involving all things relating to the strange and unknown.

CMAC Board Member and filmmaker Angelica’s drive to create quality stories shows through her work. If you are a fan of intriguing short films or even good stories, regardless of genre, Angelica’s work will be sure to entertain and captivate you.  

Every Monday through Friday on CMAC 1, Julia hosts the ONME Network, a news show highlighting the latest in Black communities, politics, education, community events and all other aspects of social action relevant to the masses. Julia’s passion for providing important information to the community shows through her work.

CMAC member producer and artist Shannon Grissom is no stranger to the concept of inspiring others through art. Prior to airing content on CMAC, Shannon produced an inspirational award-winning painting show titled ‘Give Your Walls Some Soul’. Now, Shannon shares short how-to videos from her online art school titled ‘Painterly’ on CMAC. She was also recently featured in the local art show, Artful.TV

Roshell is a seasoned award-winning producer for her work on various programs, including the children’s animated show ‘Welcome to Fresberg’. As of late, Roshell and her husband, Don, produce a web series, ‘Building Healthy Relationships’, where they discuss complicated relationship questions and answer questions from viewers.