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Schedule for Monday, May 3, 2021

12:00 amFree Speech TV
06:00 amThe Big Tell Showcase 2020
07:20 amPainterly - Two Minute Tips: Sense of Scale
07:25 amSheRockScience: Vibration of Olfaction
07:30 amWelcome to Fresberg: Black History Bios
07:50 amWelcome to Fresberg: Usher Mini Bio
07:55 amWelcome to Fresberg: Chadwick Boseman Biography
08:00 amFresberg Creates: Ep 010 (MLK and Rosa Parks)
08:20 amBaby Talk: Episode 2
08:30 amExplore with the Eggerts: Exit Glacier
08:40 amSheRockScience: Ride Your Bike
08:45 amBIPOC Business Feature: The Mug Community Coffee Shop
09:00 amArtful.TV: Episode 8: David Willet
09:30 amExplore with the Eggerts: Backpacking and Rock Climbing in Petit Griffon
09:50 amExplore with the Eggerts: Exit Glacier
10:00 amCooking Lvl 0: Ep 4: Baking Basics
10:20 amCooking Lvl 0: Ep 1: Measuring
10:30 amYo Soy!: Emilia Free Foundation
11:05 amFree Rides and New Routes on Fresno Area Express
11:10 amCooking Lvl 0: Ep 3: Food Safety
11:25 amPainterly Two Minute Tips: Rituals
11:30 amCMAC'n on Location: Tower Quarter (Set Two)
12:00 pmThe Central Valley Ledger #170: Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan
01:00 pmA Daffodil Blooms in Spring
02:00 pmDemocracy Now!
03:00 pmCMAC'n on Location: Benjamin Boone
03:50 pmPainterly - Two Minute Tips: Two Cam Zoom
03:55 pmPainterly - Two Minute Tips: Art App Showcase
04:00 pmWeekend Blender Videos: Mandalorian Mercs
04:25 pmLoose Ends 28: Trash Day
04:30 pmCMAC'n on Location: World Fiddle Day Archive
05:00 pmThe ONME Network 5/3/21
05:00 pmThe ONME Network Live
08:00 pmGet Healthy, Be Happy!: Jack Scow Training
08:25 pmGet Healthy Be Happy!: Seasonal Affective Disorder
08:30 pmHealthy Epic Living: MJ Healthy Habits
08:50 pmKings River Conservancy: Keeping Our River Clean
09:00 pmThe Central Valley Ledger #174: Mark Geragos
09:25 pmCMAC Tutorials: Sony X70 - What's In The Bag
09:30 pmCMAC Tutorials: Writing Scripts For Your Videos
09:55 pmSheRockScience: Vibration of Olfaction
10:00 pmCMAC'n on Location: Tower Quartet 2020 (Set 1)
10:45 pm'Independence Day' Poem by M.A. Christopher
10:55 pmPainterly - Two Minute Tips: Glaze Over Palette Knife
11:00 pmIn The Spotlight: Kayla Moon

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