Celebrating National Poetry Month and Our Youth Voices Program

Showcasing media covering poetic events and sharing past Youth Voices documentaries in the Central Valley!

National Poetry Month Media

Get ready to rhyme and shine. Dive into our April’s poetic lineup!

CMAC Poetry Night, 2023

Jasmine Arredondo

Watch a mesmerizing evening of spoken word and soul-stirring poetry at CMAC. With a lineup of featured poets and an open mic for the audience to shine, it was a night when every word became a masterpiece, and every heart found its rhythm.

Spoken Word Poetry

Beth Lederach

Join producer Bet Lederach for a mesmerizing journey through the power of spoken word in her captivating specials, where every syllable resonates with emotion, depth, and raw authenticity.

Respite by the River

Will Freeney

Embark on a serene journey with ‘Respite by the River,’ where souls converge to weave melodies, strum strings, and share the poetry.

Batch of Binge-Worthy Youth Voices Documentaries!

We have a whole list of documentaries ready for you to binge. These documentaries are as powerful and deep as the vibrant and dynamic young filmmakers who produced them. Let’s dive into a world where creativity knows no bounds!

Art of Life

Jillian Leslie

The purpose of making my documentary is to highlight the healing power of creative expression for individuals and families affected by cancer, specifically through the work of The Art of Life Cancer Foundation.

Finding The Hmongness

Xang Xiong

The purpose of making my documentary is to present and allow the Hmong youths out there to take pride and appreciate the beauty of their Hmong identity.

Where The City Drew The Line

Daniela Maciel Navarro

The purpose of my documentary is to spread awareness of the rigged system (Redlining) put in place in our communities not so long ago, which still affects the lives of people today.

Fentanyl: The American Crisis

Isabella Riley

The idea that I have for the documentary is to bring awareness to drugs on the street of Fresno. I want young people to realize that Fentanyl is not a game. If you even take a small amount there is a great chance that you can die. If you don’t die, you’re lucky but know that your mind will never be the same again. Fentanyl is hurting many people and it’s sad to see young people throw their lives away for a drug that will likely kill them. People need to know about this drug and they need to know the harmful consequences they will face if they take it.

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