Youth Voices 2022 | The Hinds House: A Story of Compassion, Love , and Grief

ProducerGrace Persons
SeriesCMAC Youth Voices
Description“I would like to bring more light and attention to the Hinds Hospice Angel Babies program. They are a Central Valley organization that helps families that loses babies pre and post pregnancy. This organization holds a special place in my heart because it has been a prominent part in the lives of my family. My parents lost by brother when he was born, and they didn’t know how they would continue on through their lives. Hinds Hospice helped my parents through their grief and showed them a community of people who knew exactly what they were going through. I would like to share the stories of those people, the story of the founder and how she created this amazing organization, and show others that could be going through this that they aren’t alone.”
DateOctober 26, 2022