The Creative Whole Podcast, Ep 21: The Cost of Judgment, Why Some People Opt Out of Church Attendance

ProducerWinslow Lowe
SeriesThe Creative Whole Podcast
DescriptionIn this thought-provoking video, we delve into the sensitive topic of judgment within the context of church attendance. Many individuals have experienced the hurtful effects of being judged or ostracized within their religious communities, leading them to opt out of church altogether. Join us as we explore the real-life stories and reasons behind people's decision to stay away from church due to judgment. From personal accounts, we shed light on the emotional and psychological impact of judgment within religious spaces. We examine the consequences of this judgment, both on individuals and the overall sense of community. Through honest conversations, we aim to foster understanding and promote empathy, highlighting the need for acceptance and inclusivity in our places of worship. This video challenges viewers to reflect on their own actions and attitudes, encouraging them to create a more welcoming and non-judgmental environment within their own faith communities. It's time to bridge the gap and restore trust, ensuring that everyone feels valued and accepted within the church.
DateJuly 28, 2023