We Work For You: Robert Ascencio

ProducerCity of Fresno
SeriesWe Work For You
DescriptionRobert Ascencio has worked at the City of Fresno for almost 38 years, where he builds and prepares vehicles for public service with lights, beacons, and other accessories. He says he takes a tremendous amount of pride in his work because, in the end, it keeps people safe.
DateJune 20, 2022
AiringWednesday, March 22 - 8:26am on CMAC 3
Thursday, March 23 - 1:10pm on CMAC 3
Thursday, March 23 - 8:12pm on CMAC 3
Friday, March 24 - 6:45am on CMAC 3
Saturday, March 25 - 3:47am on CMAC 3