We Work For You: Mark Ferguson

ProducerCity of Fresno
SeriesWe Work For You
DescriptionMark Ferguson has been working on helicopters since 1974 and joined the Fresno Police Department Skywatch team in 1996. He says even after all these years, he still gets great satisfaction from making the helicopters work and helping to keep Fresno residents and police officers safe.
DateAugust 28, 2022
AiringThursday, June 1 - 2:13am on CMAC 3
Thursday, June 1 - 3:52am on CMAC 3
Friday, June 2 - 3:39am on CMAC 3
Saturday, June 3 - 2:15am on CMAC 3
Saturday, June 3 - 6:52am on CMAC 3