Two Guys Talkin' Fresno: Ep. 34: California’s Economic Health

ProducerCraig Scharton and Paul Swearengin
SeriesTwo Guys Talkin' Fresno
DescriptionLenny Mendonca was tapped by Gov. Newsom to be the state’s Chief Economic and Business Advisor, so when he talks about the state’s economic health he has great insight. He also happens to be an expert economists who has written several books on the topic. Paul Swearengin and Craig Scharton talk to Lenny about important state topics like the pairing back of state regulations, why it costs more to do business in California than in other states and why Lenny is a backer of High Speed Rail and why he still believes it will be built in California and why he believes it will be an economic game-changer for Central California.
DateAugust 13, 2019