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The Kamla Show: Megan Smith

ProducerKamla Bhatt
DescriptionKamla sits down to talk with Megan Smith, CEO of shift7 and 3rd US CTO. In this wide-ranging conversation Smith talks about her work at Apple and General Magic, how she decided to study engineering and her work with President Obama and what keeps her busy now. Smith went to work at Apple in Japan right after getting her engineering degree. She then went out to join General Magic, a spin-off from Apple and one of the hottest startups in Silicon Valley in the 1990s. She worked on the hardware device at General Magic. They were building a personal communicator for a post-PC generation. While the company did not succeed, the ideas they unleashed went on to influence smart devices like the iPhone, iPad and Android phones. The story of this iconic startup’s birth and why it failed to succeed is captured in the documentary General Magic that releases in May 2019.
DateApril 10, 2019