Renaming S-Valley PSA

ProducerACLU of Northern CA
DescriptionLocal Indigenous leaders and residents are calling on the Fresno County Board of Supervisors to live up to its stated values of 'working together for a quality of life for all' and 'respecting and embracing ethnic and cultural diversity' by changing the name of “Sq**w Valley.” In their petition, residents share that “the current name perpetuates a sexualized, exploitative, and humiliating narrative that continues to focus the desires and disgust of early European-Americans on the bodies of Native American women.”
DateNovember 8, 2021
AiringTuesday, November 30 - 10:40am on CMAC 1
Thursday, December 2 - 8:45am on CMAC 1
Tuesday, December 7 - 10:40am on CMAC 1
Thursday, December 9 - 8:45am on CMAC 1
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