Monument Monday: David of Sassoon

ProducerCounty of Fresno
DescriptionThis two-and-a-half-ton copper statue sits in front of the Fresno County Hall of Records and depicts Armenian folk hero David of Sassoon riding his rearing horse, Jalai. The statue, by Varaz Samuelian of Fresno, was donated to the County by The People of Armenian Descent of the San Joaquin Vally on August 11, 1970. David of Sassoon is a legendary Armenian folk hero dating back to the Seventh Century B.C., who singlehandedly rid the country of foreign invaders. The base upon which David stands depicts numerous symbols of Armenian culture and history, including Mt. Ararat, Noah's Ark, and letters of the Armenian alphabet. "This statue represents a thousand Davids in a thousand lands where, throughout all of history, man has sought to sustain his freedom against overwhelming odds." Fresno County
DateJune 27, 2023