Mo Mommies, Mo Problems Podcast, Ep 5: Supply & Demand

ProducerKe'Lea Flowers
SeriesMo Mommies, Mo Problems Podcast
DescriptionThis week we sit down with my Mommies Unite! veteran and old work colleague, Heather Sanchez. We bounced around to so many subjects that our original unedited session was close to 2 hours long. Unfortunately, we ran into some technical complications and lost the last 30ish minutes of footage. But there is still so much value in this week's content, so no harm done! We hit so many topics, you guys. From dealing with the discomfort that comes when trying to get pregnant and it feeling like everyone around you is announcing their pregnancies, to breastfeeding, autism awareness, sexy time and mental health. Check out this conversation. I hope you relate to something and feel just a little more seen.
DateMay 23, 2023