Mo Mommies, Mo Problems Podcast, Ep 4: Cussin' The Devil Out

ProducerKe'Lea Flowers
SeriesMo Mommies, Mo Problems Podcast
DescriptionOn this week's episode of Mo Mommies Mo Problems, we are sitting down with my Aunty in-law Denina. We cover a myriad of topics ranging from having kids at a young age, being mindful about who you have kids with, homeschooling, ADHD , bullying, and therapy . She also opens up about her challenging pregnancy and stresses the importance of self- advocacy in regards to your body. Denina is oozing with wisdom and humor and it's all LOVE on the couch in this episode. My hope is that someone who has gone through anything similar will watch this and feel seen and less alone. We often see pregnancy described as beautiful, blissful and amazing and something that we should all just be able to do. But a lot more often than not, people struggle. They struggle to get pregnant. They struggle to stay pregnant. and they may struggle trying to take care of themselves while taking on so much stress and overwhelm in an already chaotic time. She is just one of many many women to have this type of experience and is so brave to be talking about it with us. Denina, if you're reading this: I love you. Thank you for doing this with me and letting yourself be seen. You're a fighter. truly an inspiration. and WRITE THE BOOK , GIRL.
DateMay 18, 2023