Mo Mommies, Mo Problems Podcast, Ep 21: Life is Lifing

ProducerKe'Lea Flowers
SeriesMo Mommies, Mo Problems Podcast
DescriptionIn this week's episode of Mo Mommies Mo Problems, I get into friendship, trusting your intuition, healing your pain from failed relationships, harmful dynamics learned in our early childhoods, gaslighting, trust issues and so much more! I also get into how this month and a half of stay at home mom life has been going, the insecurity that comes up when your child isn’t reaching milestones as quickly as others , etc. It’s become so much more challenging to keep up with posting new episodes regularly. But I’m bringing myself back to this. And I thank any of you who actually watch these videos and relate to them/ find comfort or feel seen in them. And above all else, you gotta know how valuable and loved you are. You are HERE and ALIVE. and your family is lucky to have you. On the days where we’re winning and on the days we aren’t doing so hot.. you are loved and treasured. Never forget that shit.
DateOctober 3, 2023