Henosis Podcast, Ep 26: Breaking Barriers: Redefining Laotian-American Identity with Mel Trout-Visounnarath

ProducerMatthew Rathangsy
SeriesHenosis Podcast
DescriptionWelcome to another thought-provoking clip from Henosis, where we dive deep into the nuanced experiences of second-generation Laotian Americans. Join your host, Matthew, as he engages in an insightful conversation with our special guest, Mel, exploring the theme of 'Living Authentically While Honoring Our Roots'. In this episode, we unravel the complexities of balancing cultural expectations with personal authenticity. Mel shares her unique journey as a second-generation Laotian American, discussing how she navigates the intersection of cultural heritage and individual identity.
DateNovember 24, 2023