Let's Talk: Christmas Special 2023, Pt 2

ProducerLashonda Lee
SeriesLet's Talk
DescriptionHost Lashonda lee & Co-hosts Kendra Jackson, Guest Co-host Tamiko Stennis, New Co-Host Perianna Tucker-Edmond. Discussing the latest Sizzle & News on Trump being taken of ballet in Colorado, Fantasia experience on Air BNB. Local news in Fresno, Police Chief hiring new officers in Fresno area. Discussion about the tribute to the Edward Tucker Christmas Program 2023. Pittsburg Steelers Against Indianapolis Colts Game on Sunday December 17, 2023. Special Shout out To Shayona Collins. How we will be celebrating our Christmas holiday Season this year 2023.
DateJanuary 17, 2024
AiringTuesday, March 5 - 8:00pm on CMAC 1
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