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A Road Less Traveled Podcast, Ep 4: Pocahontas Navigating Male-Dominated Waters with Erika Gibson

Join Hilary Haron and history expert Erika Gibson on ‘A Road Less Traveled Podcast virtual edition’, called “Paving A Road Less Traveled”, as we embark on a thought-provoking journey through history. In our latest episode, we delve into the captivating story of Pocahontas. Discover why her true story has been largely overlooked and unravel the […]


Back to the Sofa Podcast: Unearthing Retro Gems: Reacting to Classic Movie Trailers Hackers, Ghoulies, Maniac Cop and more

Welcome to “Back to the Sofa”! Today, we’re diving into the exhilarating world of Hackers. Get ready for a cyberpunk roller-coaster ride! Hackers takes us into the underground world of computer geniuses, where high-stakes hacking and intense cat-and-mouse games unfold. It’s a pulse-pounding blend of action, technology, and youthful rebellion. Join the talented and rebellious […]


Central Unified Board of Trustees 4-23-2024

Central Unified Board of Trustees, April 23rd, 2024. The elected Trustees of the CUSD, as entrusted public stewards, will work collaboratively to: 1) Serve in the best interest of our students and community; and 2) Be accountable for the prudent use of district financial resources; and 3) Establish policies that support the highest standards and […]