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How Can Spay and Neuter Help Animals and Shelters in Crisis

Due to a severe statewide shortage of veterinary professionals, many areas of California do not have access to veterinary care in their communities. This lack of access to care—specifically spay and neuter services—combined with a confluence of other factors, have led to a huge influx in animals being brought into shelters in recent years. Specifically, […]


We Work For You: Miguel Ramirez

There are close to 2,600 active vehicles and equipment in the City of Fresno’s fleet, and when they need to be replaced, Miguel Ramirez is the guy who gets it done! He buys everything from fire engines to garbage trucks, and his work keeps City employees on the road and serving the people of Fresno. […]


City of Clovis: Annual Slurry Project

The City of Clovis has approximately 450 miles of city streets, and we inspect and track the pavement conditions each year. During these inspections, the quality of our roads is rated to determine which streets are considered for the Annual Slurry Project based on their level of deterioration. Performing preventative maintenance on our local roads […]


Fresno Parks, Recreation, and Arts Commission 5-20-2024

Fresno Parks, Recreation, and Arts Commission, May 20th, 2024. The Parks Recreation and Arts Commission consists of nine (9) members. The nine-member Commission has been appointed by the Mayor and approved by City Council. The membership of the Commission reflects the cultural, demographic, and geographic diversity of the City, with at least one-third of the […]