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DescriptionEsoterica, the Paranormal, and Superhumanity: Secular-Religious Mythology in Contemporary Culture. How does the growing popularity of esoterica, the paranormal, and superhumanity illustrate our thirst for a secular sacred mythology? To put a finer point on it: comic books, pulp fiction, and science fiction are an expression of an unfolding contemporary secular-religious mystic imagination. Portrayals of esoterica, the paranormal, and superhumanity in contemporary culture shed light on what it means to be human, the nature of reality, and what could be vis-à-vis what is considered extra-ordinary, super-human, or para-normal. Discover how fantasy, the imaginary, and fiction may well serve as revelations of what really truly is, and how we tend to render what's possible in the form of the impossible.
DateMarch 4, 2014
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