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Fresno Historic Preservation Commission 5-22-2023

ProducerCity of Fresno
DescriptionFresno Historic Preservation Commission, May 22nd, 2023. The City’s Historic Preservation Commission is comprised of seven individuals appointed by the Mayor, who have training and expertise in preservation, architecture, architectural history, engineering and related fields.The Commission normally meets the 4th Monday of the month at Fresno City Hall (2600 Fresno St., on Fresno & P Streets in downtown Fresno), Conference Room A at 6 pm. The Commission reviews all nominations to the Local Register of Historic Resources, approves or denies permits to historic properties and comments on projects and plans that may affect the City’s historic and cultural heritage. Formal titles and background information for the Commission agenda must be submitted to the City’s Historic Preservation Project Manager two weeks prior to the actual meeting date. Commission hearings are open to the public and participation is highly encouraged.
DateMay 22, 2023