Via Liberation

ProducerCounty of Fresno
DescriptionFrom a monument you can't miss to one that you probably have. Erected in 1949, The Via Liberation commemorates the liberation of Europe by Allied forces in World War II. It is a replica of markers placed every kilometer along the route the allies took as they fought from Normandy, France, to Bastagone, Belgium. This 888-mile pathway is known as the "Road to Liberty". It was a gift of the people of Cannes, France, to the people of California. Via Liberation was sent via La Train de la Reconnaisance Francaise and dedicated on Armistice day, November 11, 1949. A time capsule was stored within the monument by the 40&8 veteran's organization, opened in 2000 by their oldest living member Earl Spomer.
DateJune 26, 2023