Fresno Active Transportation Advisory Committee 4-24-2024

ProducerCity of Fresno
SeriesFresno Active Transportation Advisory Committee
DescriptionFresno Active Transportation Advisory Committee, April 24th, 2024. Previously Named the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC). The Active Transportation Advisory Committee (ATAC) will serve as an integral part of the Active Transportation Plan. To advise the City Council, Office of the Mayor and City staff on active transportation matter. To advise and recommend policies for the planning, development and maintenance of active transportation systems for safe and enjoyable circulation for both utilitarian commuting travel and recreations within the City. To ensure sensitivity to active transportation issues in the design and implementation of all Public Works projects which impact active transportation users.
DateApril 24, 2024
AiringTuesday, May 21 - 6:00am on CMAC 3
Tuesday, May 21 - 8:31am on CMAC 3
Friday, May 24 - 12:00am on CMAC 3
Friday, May 24 - 3:00am on CMAC 3
Friday, May 24 - 6:00am on CMAC 3