Flowing with Famous: May 2022

ProducerJosh Tehee and Mike Seay
SeriesFlowing with Famous
DescriptionWelcome back to another exploration of Fresno culture known as Flowing With Famous! This month we will be talking about such things as: A full postgame on Porchfest 2022. Fresno is buying the Tower Theatre, is it as good a thing as it appears? Band Of The Episode: Sparklejet "Winding Up My Head" High-Speed Rail is still a thing and might look super awesome one day. Downtown Fresno is a thing, yes. Why do we love the mid-range restaurants in Fresno? Mr. Fresno is leaving Fresno. There is a size of venue that still evades Fresno's grasp. These and other Fresno things!
DateMay 12, 2022