Flowing with Famous: July 2024

ProducerJosh Tehee and Mike Seay
SeriesFlowing with Famous
DescriptionHope you enjoy a good sit down with a couple of Fresno nerds. This episode we talk about things like: Fresno: Love it or hate it. What was that 122 degree day all about? Walking all of Blackstone. West Shaw kinda sucks. Iconic shows of Fresno. Band of the Episode: Awahnichi. The loudest restaurants in Fresno. And more Fresno things.
DateJuly 4, 2024
AiringThursday, July 18 - 10:05pm on CMAC 1
Thursday, July 25 - 9:30pm on CMAC 1
Thursday, August 1 - 10:00pm on CMAC 1