Flowing with Famous: April 2024

ProducerJosh Tehee and Mike Seay
SeriesFlowing with Famous
DescriptionHello there, fellow Fresno enthusiast. Welcome back to Flowing With Famous - Fresno culture podcast. Some of the things we will mention this month: Rainy Fresno days. Cybertrucks in Fresno. The CEO of Valley Children's Hospital makes too much damn money...or does he? Band of the Episode: Rademacher - "Letter From Fresno, CA". Porchfest 2024 preview. Beyonce singing songs written by a Fresno County songwriter. Dr. Green Thumb's changes Tower District's look. Record Store Day in Fresno. And much more things!
DateApril 4, 2024
AiringThursday, April 18 - 10:00pm on CMAC 1
Thursday, April 25 - 10:00pm on CMAC 1
Thursday, May 2 - 10:00pm on CMAC 1