Henosis Podcast, Ep 20: Do This to Build Confidence

ProducerMatthew Rathangsy
SeriesHenosis Podcast
DescriptionBrandon Thammavong is the owner of North Star Zenergy. Through the power of spiritual and Buddhist practices, he helps men cultivate an unwavering confidence that exudes strength, power, and resilience. Brandon has a deep belief in karma and a unique talent for spotting opportunities where others see challenges. He provides unparalleled insights and strategies to help individuals overcome personal and professional obstacles to live a more fulfilling life. Growing up Brandon struggled with drug abuse, alcoholism and anger, which led him down a destructive path. Once he was introduced to fitness, as a way to build the mind and body, his life started to transform. He had more self control, discipline and a desire to help other men reshape their lives. Brandon committed himself to helping ambitious men create loving relationships, build financial stability and optimize their physical health. He created a simple yet powerful framework that gives men the courage to fight any battle and make the lives around them better.
DateJuly 30, 2023
AiringSunday, April 28 - 12:30pm on CMAC 1