Mo Mommies, Mo Problems Podcast, Ep 13: Do the Things

ProducerKe'Lea Flowers
SeriesMo Mommies, Mo Problems Podcast
DescriptionWine and laughs with my friend Jessica! Tune in to hear us talk about her experience raising twin daughters, transitioning from kids to teenagers, being "the cool mom" icon and more! We also just laugh and totally forget what we were talking about and it's a jolly ole time!
DateJuly 4, 2023
AiringThursday, October 19 - 9:30pm on CMAC 1
Saturday, November 11 - 11:30pm on CMAC 1
Wednesday, December 6 - 11:30pm on CMAC 1
Saturday, December 30 - 11:30pm on CMAC 1
Wednesday, January 24 - 11:30pm on CMAC 1