California Department of Public Health: Lifejackets Save Lives PSA

ProducerCalifornia Department of Public Health
DescriptionIt's summertime in the Golden State, and when temperatures start to climb we head to the swimming pool, California lakes, the ocean, water parks and rivers. Each summer communities in every corner of California are tragically impacted by drownings at places like this. A cool outing can quickly turn to the unthinkable. Even strong swimmers will struggle in these swift, moving, frigid snowmelt waters. Drowning is a number one cause of injury related death for children five and under all too often a child drowns while surrounded by family and friends. This is 100% preventable with preparation and planning. Always keep children in direct sight every moment they are around water. Limit your distractions. It's not the time to check your social media. Don't ever assume someone else is watching the kids and do not drink alcohol if you are supervising children. In open waters like this. Everyone needs a proper fitting, Coast Guard approved, life jacket before they can get in the water. Never go in any waters without a buddy. And avoid alcohol or drugs that can impair your judgment. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, we can enjoy all the summer fun California has to offer. When we put water safety first.
DateJuly 31, 2023